Assessing culture fit reliably – is this even possible?

Person-Job AND Person-Organization Fit matter

Research consistently shows that employees who are aligned with the company culture outperform the competition by a three-fold factor. Employees aligned with the company culture:

  • Are happier
  • More satisfied
  • Stay longer
  • Are committed
  • Provide better service

Person-Organization Fit

Person-job fit can be determined using skills tests, competency analysis, behavioral interviewing and even resume/application review. Person-organization fit requires asking and getting answers to different questions – mostly about what is most important to an individual both in terms of their engagement as well as their priorities and core values.

The Harrison Assessment can be used to reliably assess both job fit and culture fit.  The Harrison uses forced-ranking methodology and collects detailed information about an individual’s work-related preferences in a very short amount of time (less than 30 minutes). When analyzing the data, the Harrison can do multiple analyses based on the very same preference rankings obtained from a person’s assessment:

  • Assess the Person-Job Fit: there are thousands of Job Success Formulas in the system that are specific to the competencies and behaviors required for specific jobs
  • Assess the Person-Organization Fit: the system can be set up to filter for core values, key engagement factors and motivational drivers

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