NewsApril 17, 2024

Meet me at Swiss Biotech Day 2024

Do you have Chutzpah like Swiss Biotech Day 2024?


Next week Basel will once again become a healthcare hotspot when more than 2000 life science professionals will come together for Swiss Biotech Day 2024. I’ve been attending the biotech conference for many years: experiencing the thriving biotech scene first hand and connecting with R&D and manufacturing leaders and entrepreneurs boosts my energy every year.


This year will not only allow me to meet many old friends, it will also invite me to make many new friends. And what a choice: more than 100 company presentations, > 100 exhibitors, > 40 panel discussions, 10 pitching sessions, 17 international delegations.


As I prepare my participation, I’ve come across an inspirational article about courageous doers who have Chutzpah. “Chutzpah” is a Yiddish term that has found its way into the English and Hebrew language to describe a remarkable quality that combines audacity, confidence, and a touch of impudence. It is a term that embodies the art of pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in a way that often amazes or confounds others.


At first sight, Chutzpah doesn’t strike me as a typical Swiss quality, but then my international friends keep telling me “You are not a typical Swiss!” – do they mean I have Chutzpah?


The presenting companies at next week’s Swiss Biotech Day have Chutzpah: the advanced biotech companies such as Basilea and Ferring have it, as do the emerging and clinical-stage biotech companies. Entrepreneurs and start-up company founders have it as do the 100 exhibitors who have mastered the skill of dealing with “an ocean of rejection”, as Daniel Pink would phrase it.


Last year, the Swiss Biotech Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. As Michael Altorfer, CEO of SBA shared, Switzerland has established and expanded its role as a leading life sciences research, development and manufacturing hub, helping to develop new therapeutic treatments and establish new modalities and platform technologies to address global medical needs.


I look forward to receiving an update on the biotech scene, insightful discussions and meeting industry peers who are shaping the future of healthcare. If you’re keen to accelerate the development of novel treatment solutions through affordable and on-target people solutions, reach out and let’s meet! You can reach me at or through the partnering platform – I look forward to connecting with you in Basel next week!