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It is time to reimagine the entire talent management process. Every position that needs to be filled is an opportunity to advance the creation of a future-forward workforce where every new hire is empowered to make a difference. Every interaction with a candidate or an employee is an opportunity to create a stellar candidate/employee experience. 

Future-forward organizations are human-centric and commit to equality, diversity, and inclusion. They know that by unleashing their employees’ passion and greatest strengths they are directly increasing performance, well-being, job satisfaction and retention. 

Future-forward organizations create a purpose-driven community, they inspire and attract people inside and outside of the organization and engage every person in a meaningful dialogue. Future-forward organizations seek opportunities to learn and innovate and invest in the continuous development and growth of their workforce. 


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Scene,

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We take pride in our track record of recruiting talent across the value chain from R&D to commercial functions and across a broad range of therapeutic areas and technology platforms. Here’s a selection of successfully completed talent acquisition projects:

  • CEO CNS Start-up company
  • CMO Diabetes Care Company
  • Head of Development, Europe
  • TA Head CNS
  • Scientific Advisor Immuno-Oncology Preclinical Development
  • Head of R&D Development Center Skincare, Consumer Health
  • Global Head of DMPK
  • VP Medical Affairs Europe
  • Executive Director New Market Development
  • Senior Director Regulatory Affairs
  • Head Market Access & Governmental Affairs
  • Country Head France Animal Health
  • Global Medical Lead Transplantation
  • Portfolio/Project Leader R&D
  • Clinical Program Leader

Drive Employee Engagement with proven Data Analytics and Employee Engagement Assessments

Find out what really matters to your talent and how to engage and retain them. Discover your employees’ expectations and whether or not their highest expectations are currently being met.

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Drive Employee Engagement with proven Data Analytics and Employee Engagement Assessments

Find out what really matters to your talent and how to engage and retain them. Discover your employees’ expectations and whether or not their highest expectations are currently being met. The Harrison engagement assessment measures individual engagement as well as group engagement and provides actionable data for each individual employee.

All the data can be collected using Harrison’s SmartQuestionnaire which takes 25-minutes to complete, saving you time and money. Instead of answering engagement questionnaires that focus on rating their managers, employees are asked what is important to them and to what degree each important factor is currently fulfilled. The SmartQuestionnaire also asks work preferences which provides the data necessary to identify the behaviors that employees need, to fulfill their own expectations. To obtain regular engagement updates, employees only need to complete the Engagement Pulse Check questions which take less than 5 minutes.

Harrison Assessments provide predictive analytics to acquire, develop, lead & engage talent. It is one of the few job-relevant, multidimensional diagnostic tools with high acceptance, proven validity and worldwide availability.


From Leading Science to Leading People to Leading Business

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Transitioning from leading science to leading people often comes with a significant departure from employees’ original career drivers and requires a shift in mindset from “being energized by the science of my own research” to “getting reward from advancing science through others”.

Leadership starts by leading ourselves, building self-awareness and increasing our emotional intelligence – managing our emotions, keeping a positive outlook and a mindset of continuous learning. An effective leader knows how to balance their own wants and needs while at the same time supporting others to achieve their goals “I take care of myself and of others”. An inclusive leader has confidence in their opinions while inviting other points of view. Whether in a role with direct reports or leading a cross-functional matrix team, leading others means building effective relationships and influencing others. Whether pitching a business idea to external stakeholders or selling a critical project to upper management, communicating with clarity, confidence and authenticity is a key success factor.

With our own R&D experience and having successfully transitioned from leading science to leading people and leading business, we are a credible and trustworthy partner to your future leaders. Our methodology is based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology and is results-oriented to help individuals facilitate positive change and lead more effectively. We use predictive analytics to assess a broad range of leadership competencies and behaviors and create a tailored development plan for every individual.


Bespoke training courses and webinars

We create & deliver training courses to meet your specific need. Recent programs have covered the following topics:
  • The power of AND – it’s all about balance
  • Self-leadership: from self-awareness to communicating my value
  • Building effective relationships, increasing impact and influence
  • Performing at my peak and creating new habits for long-lasting success
  • Better communication skills, use of body language
  • Navigating the culture gap/cultural awareness
  • Persuasion & influence: moving others to say yes
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Growth mindset
  • Recognizing and leveraging strengths
  • Leadership: a neuroscience approach using SCARF©
  • Servant leadership: head, heart and hands
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Interview training for hiring managers

“I wanted to let you know about more positive feedback on your sessions. A GSK employee that I’d never met before contacted me and shared that your sessions have had a real impact on her. She normally does not engage with this type of content but found yours relatable, well-explained and something that she will draw on in the future.”
Oyiza MomohGSK House Women’s Leadership Initiative Lead
“The three sessions workshop on leadership delivered by Dr. Zechner supported by a leadership corporate chapter has been very engaging. We had a great turn out throughout the entire series. Each session included theory review, interactive sessions and provision of great tools to be used in the upcoming days. The audience deeply appreciated the amount of work and effort behind putting the series together and has been asking for additional sessions, that we hope to do!“
Rosalida Leone, PhDDirector Clinical Operations
“Fantastic session, my brain is buzzing with ideas not only on applying some of the tools, particularly the self-management tool, for myself but also to share with my line reports.“
Anonymous participant feedback
I have worked with Stefanie both as a client searching for new candidates and as a candidate myself and truly appreciate Stefanie’s way of working. In contrast to many of her colleagues, Stefanie has a sincere interest in her candidates to understand what drives and motivates them professionally and personally to ensure both sides are made up for a perfect match.
Frank Hermann, MD, MBABeiGene