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  • Are you looking to increase your impact and influence, whether with direct reports or in a matrix leadership role?
  • Are you re-evaluating your personal and professional goals and priorities?
  • Are you looking for your next career step and are unsure where to even start?

Coaching is a game-changing way to boost your energy, elevate your skills and realize your goals

Recent International Coaching Federation (ICF) studies point to the following top benefits derived from coaching:

  • Optimized individual performance
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased productivity
  • Expanded professional career opportunities
  • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence

(2017 ICF Global Coaching Awareness Study)

Discover for yourself what coaching can do for you, work with us and feel inspired, confident, and safe. We have different programs for you to choose from whether you are just looking for a check-in on your current career path or whether you are planning a career transition or elevating your leadership skills.

“What you can expect from me as your Coach and Trainer is my genuine desire to promote your success and happiness so you can advance healthcare and positively impact people’s lives. I can offer solid know-how of how we best learn and create new habits, as well as a thorough understanding of our business, having worked on several sides in the Life Sciences and with industry-leading organizations. I will help you grow with empathy, a good sense of humour and last, but not least, the experience of my own career transitions.“


Coaching Programs

While every coaching program is unique, we put together a selection of our most-wanted coaching programs
Career Check – powerful 3-session program

This program will set you up for success: Working with me you will develop an inspiring career goal – where you would like to be in 3 months, mid- and long-term – and create an action plan to bring you to your goal. This may include becoming clear of your value and how to  sell yourself with confidence and authenticity. You will take an on-line work preference and job satisfaction questionnaire and receive a tailored assessment report unlocking your key drivers and greatest strengths. You will get clarity on what makes you successful, and what gives you energy and joy in your job.

Build your brand

This program ideally builds on the Career Check but can also be taken separately. It includes developing your personal brand, compiling a strong CV and LinkedIn profile, and preparing successful job interviews.

Take your space with confidence

Whether you are pitching your business idea to external stakeholders, or trying to convince your management of a new solution, or go into this critical interview for your dream job – communicating with confidence and authenticity is a key success and happiness factor. In this  coaching program you will learn to leverage your genuine strengths to boost your energy and confidence. You will master to build and sell your story using STAR, a technique used in behavioral interviews, and learn to talk about yourself, your achievements and your projects with ease.

Care-free career transition

If you’re seeking to make the right next move and don’t want to leave your transition to chance, let me support you with a “care-free program” in which I will accompany you through your entire career transition including assessment of your genuine strengths and leadership competencies, personal brand development and CV writing, job interview preparation, salary negotiation and onboarding in your new role.

Guided Leadership Reflection Group

This hands-on leadership development program provides a chance for each member to work on a current issue they are facing or a topic they would like to have coaching on.  The monthly meetings include a brief theoretical input on a relevant leadership topic (provided by the facilitators) followed by either 1:1 coaching with the facilitators (single person deep dive) or group consultations (wisdom of many for ideation). We also learn from the cases of our peers by reflecting on ‘how would I have done it’ or going through the thought process together. To ensure the group creates a safe place for learning, all participants will agree to adhere to a common code of ethics.

Master Classes & Team Workshops

to increase specific competencies
Selection of training topics

Contact me to create a bespoke program for you and your peers

⦁ The power of AND – it’s all about balance
⦁ Emotional intelligence
⦁ Growth mindset
⦁ Managing stress and keeping balance
⦁ Recognizing and leveraging strengths
⦁ Creating a culture of feedback
⦁ How to deal with rejection
⦁ Resilience and dealing with failure

Self-leadership: from self-awareness to communicating my value

⦁ Setting the stage: it’s all about balance
⦁ Key insights from neuroscience
⦁ Emotional intelligence: Focus on self
⦁ It all starts with self-awareness
⦁ Growth mindset
⦁ Communicating my value with confidence and authenticity

Building effective relationships, increasing impact and influence

⦁ Emotional intelligence: Focus on others
⦁ Increasing power and impact – the power paradox
⦁ Leadership: a neuroscience approach using SCARF

Performing at my peak and creating new habits for long-lasting success

⦁ Balance for a healthy mind – The healthy mind platter
⦁ Creating habits – a primer
⦁ Leadership: Visionary vs. SMART goals

Communication skills and relationship building

⦁ Clarity
⦁ Asking questions
⦁ Active listening
⦁ Body language
⦁ Intercultural differences
⦁ Know your audience


Stefanie is one of the best coaches you can find: She adopts her work to your strengths and what you need and she pushes you back when you need it. Above all, it is fun working with her! She is always willing to adapt her planned work to my immediate needs and understands clearly how she can support. It was a great experience for me to work on a strength-related strategy with her. The result was that I structured my personal brand, grew visiblity, got clarity about my next steps and what I truly stand for and believe in. With her work I gained tremendous results in the course of just a few meetings. Working with her helped me save time, gain strength and increase my success!
Xenia Freifrau von MaltzanBerlin
"Are you looking for your next career step but you are unsure where to even start looking?" My straight answer to this is: Start looking with Stefanie Zechner! Every single minute and every single cent will be very well invested. In a very short period of time, Stefanie helped me to define - my work preferences - my strengths - and topics "with room for improvement". She allowed me to draw a very clear picture of "how I am professionally" and what MY job needs to offer in order for me to be fulfilled and happy. It allowed to be ready for the next step when I needed to be (news to come soon... :-))
Sabine KressmannBasel